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Join us at Waterlily Consultancy in supporting better outcomes for children and families across the UK.
We are constantly searching for experts like you to improve the lives of those who need it the most.


By working with Waterlily Consultancy, you will be working for a national company, with a reputation for high standards and in-depth knowledge and experience. You will not just join a service, but a group of connected like-minded professionals that truly wants to make a difference!

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Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing culturally sensitive assessments that take into consideration the background and lived experience of the families we work with and how this impacts on the way in which they choose to parent their children. Thus making our assessments and recommendations holistic and specific to the needs of the family.

We are extremely experienced in our fields and can complete the following assessments:

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What our clients say about us

Bedford Borough Council

The assessment is very thorough, well written and explored in great detail aspects of the family dynamics. 

Warwickshire CC

I appreciated how you kept in touch with myself as the family Social worker and discussed various issues that arose in your assessment.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Northampton CC

Mother felt you listened to her and that you were interested in her background history.

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