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Reflective Supervision

Providing Specialist reflective supervision throughout the UK.

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Waterlily Consultancy have been providing Social Work assessments across the country and have a reputation for excellence in this area. We provide reports to Local Authorities, Courts, Independent Fostering Agencies and Voluntary Adoption Agencies.

If you would like an independent assessment completed get in touch today.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing culturally sensitive assessments that take into consideration the background and lived experience of the families we work with and how this impacts on the way in which they choose to parent their children. Thus making our assessments and recommendations holistic and specific to the needs of the family.

We are extremely experienced in our fields and can complete the following assessments:

Business Consultation

Teaching PAMS Assessments

The Teaching PAMS uses the same PAMS assessment created by Dr Sue Mcgrath, although it has 3 stages to this assessment.


An initial PAMS would be completed to asses generate and interim report which highlights the parents base line functioning and  the areas in which the parent needs further assessment or a teaching program.


We then support the parent through the work that they have been recommended by offering regular coaching and mentoring, frequency would depending on the need and this will be agreed with the client following the initial PAMS assessment.


This will last no more than 12 weeks, after which a further PAMS assessment would be completed to assess the progress made by the parent. A full report will be completed at the end of the second PAMS assessment. 

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What our clients say about us

Bedford Borough Council

The assessment is very thorough, well written and explored in great detail aspects of the family dynamics. 

Warwickshire CC

I appreciated how you kept in touch with myself as the family Social worker and discussed various issues that arose in your assessment.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Northampton CC

Mother felt you listened to her and that you were interested in her background history.

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